Our History

In August of 1988, while in military training in Virginia, God called Elder Kenneth L. Fowlkes to pastoral ministry. It was there that God gave his purpose and direction for the call. God led Elder Fowlkes to the scripture, I Corinthians 3:10 and instructed him to “Build his Kingdom”. During that time, God gave Pastor Fowlkes the name “Kingdom Builders Church of God in Christ (COGIC).”

Starting with nothing more than faith in God, Pastor Fowlkes moved in the spirit of obedience and was granted permission in November of 1988 to use Calvary Chapel located on the Army base of Fort Meade, Maryland to hold Tuesday night bible study. Not long after, on December 12th of that same year, God opened a door that allowed Pastor Fowlkes to hold weekly Friday Joy Night services.

In April 1989, God opened yet another door, Kingdom Builders COGIC held its first Sunday morning service at McArthur Middle School in the same city. Within six months of having their first Sunday worship service, God blessed Kingdom Builders to move into their own facility on Telegraph Road in Severn, Maryland. From there the Kingdom Builders family moved to 7466 New Ridge Road in Hanover Maryland, where they served for 13 years.

God saw fit to allow Kingdom Builders to embark on an even greater endeavor and that was to build a brand new facility from the ground up. Since 2004, Kingdom Builders has called 1490 Matthewstown Road, Hanover, Maryland home and for that, “To God be the glory for all the marvelous things he has done”.